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Welcome to Mr. Miller’s Fifth Grade Class




Student Government



Executive Branch




Vice President




Treasury Secretary

Class Account Sheet


Class Secretary





Legislative Branch


Speaker of the House   


President Pro Tempore




Judicial Branch

Supreme Court Justice






  1. Dillon Ali says:

    Dear Mr. Miller,
    The website is not working when I click on the Treasury Secretary. When I click on the link it only opens up: I really need an account sheet because the only ones I have are full.
    Dillon Ali

  2. Tristanjverni says:

    When I click on language arts box It sends me to a page that says this website is restricted but when I go back to the home page it is fine so something must be wrong with the language arts box igleast for me can we go over it at extra help tommorrow I hope you can help me or it can be something with my iPad.
    Tristan Vernier

    • Dillon Ali says:

      Dear Tristan,
      I believe when you wrote “igleast” you meant to write “at least”.
      Dillon Ali

    • Tristan Verni says:

      Dear class,
      Thanks for the information I went home and asked my sister and she fixed it but thanks.
      Sincearly Tristan verni

  3. Emma Kirschenheiter says:

    Dear Mr. Miller,

    Thank you for creating and introducing our class to Class Connect! I have never blogged before and am eager to share and keep in touch with you and my peers. This website is well-organized, informative, and fun to use. It is a useful resource that will most definitely contribute to our success this year in fifth grade. I look forward to sharing thoughts, ideas, and working together as a community.

    Emma Kirschenheiter

  4. Emily Flores says:

    Dear Mr. Miller,
    My thought about the blog are that if one of my peers or I have a question we can just go on the blog. Also if you don’t know whats for homework you can go on the homework page. Another thought is that you can go on the math or science page to learn new things. i find this page very easy to use and very resourceful.

    Emily Flores

  5. Alicia Sanzone says:

    Dear Mr. Miller,

    Some of my thoughts on this website are that I think it has a lot of information right here to access. It can help me with my education and it can be a great site to look up quick facts. I liked the math video on multiplication and think the chart can help me learn my multiplication. One thing I noticed was in the government video it was a little hard to follow because it was going through the information a little too fast. I had to keep stopping the video and writing down the facts. I’m excited to use the blog with my classmates.

    Alicia Sanzone

  6. rachell says:

    Dear Mr.Miller ,
    I think are class blog is going to be very use full not just for me but, for all my class
    mates too . We can use this blog as one of our resources and ask questions about
    the topic that we are learning about or questions about homework . This blog also
    brings other websites that can help us with some topics we are would be learning
    in class or just to study them.
    Rachell Rubio

  7. Anonymous says:

    Dear Mr.Miller,
    I belive this blog is a very useful reasorce to use because if I have a question, I can post it on the blog. Also if my peers were going to ask the same question they don’t have to ask they just have to read what you say. I also think this is a very different idea, because in all of my classes in the past they never had anything like this.

    Alexandra Salducco

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