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Welcome to Mr. Miller’s Fifth Grade Class




Student Government



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Vice President




Treasury Secretary

Class Account Sheet

Class Secretary





Legislative Branch


Speaker of the House   


President Pro Tempore




Judicial Branch

Supreme Court Justice



  1. Samuel Guzman says:

    Dear Mr. Miller I found a class account sheet on the blog. Can I print it and bring it to class to use it for class.

    From Samuel Joel Guzman.

  2. Isabelle Baginski says:

    Dear Julianna,

    I would like to acknowledge what you posted about the planets and all of there Greek names.So I thank you on that comment.

    Isabelle Baginski

  3. Julianna Tapler says:

    Dear class,
    If you can think back to when we were learning about the planets and names, I know that Pluto is the God of the underworld (a.k.a Hades) I will tell you all of the Roman and Greek mythology names.
    Mercury (Hermes) messenger to the gods
    Venus (Aphrodite) goddess of beauty
    Jupiter (Zeus) king of all gods
    Mars (Ares) God of war
    Saturn (Cronus) God of agriculture and harvest
    Uranus (I do know the name) God of the heavens
    Neptune (Poseidon) God of the sea
    Earth (none)
    There you go! Hope this helps; in a way.
    Julianna Tapler

    • Samuel Lorenzo says:

      Dear Julianna,

      I acknowledged your comment about the Gods that the planets were named after, and I noticed that you didn’t have a name for Uranus. So, I did a little bit of research and found out that another name for Uranus is Caelus. If you believe that is correct, please respond.


  4. Julianna Tapler says:

    Dear class,
    I just want to tell you that tomorrow is Danielle Marullo’s birthday. Even though she is not in our class, we still need to wish her a happy birthday. Just a side note, on the 15th, it is Henry’s birthday. Along with Jun Kai and myself. Wish you all the best and many more birthdays to come!
    Julianna Tapler

  5. Isabelle Baginski says:

    Dear Class,

    As a reminder we have intramural’s tomorrow so don’t forget to bring sneakers.

    Isabelle Baginski

  6. Isabelle Baginski says:

    Dear Peers,

    In our math homework today when you are doing double division you may find yourself having to count the first digits by 3 or you may need to use 2 different numbers to count first.I hope this will help you.

    Isabelle Baginski

  7. Isabelle Baginski says:

    Dear Mr.Miller,

    When I was doing my homework there was a caption on page 141 and it stated the colonists attacked the tax collectors,they tared and feathered them and poured tea into their mouths.This reminded me of a video I watched last year.It is called”Liberty kids” and in the video it explained what being tared and feathered is like.Tar is a hot oil that sticks to your skin and they put feathers on you to make you look silly.So the tar gives you a great deal of pain so it isn’t very pleasant.

    Isabelle Baginski

  8. Julianna Tapler says:

    Dear Mr.Miller and classmates,
    Sorry I haven’t been on the blog lately. I want to wish you all a happy 2015! I hope you all had fun and I hope you enjoy me as your president for the second trimester!
    Julianna Tapler

  9. Samuel Lorenzo says:

    Dear Mr. Miller and my peers,
    I know it is a little late, and I am sorry, but I hope everyone has had a merry Christmas and will have a happy New Year.

  10. Samuel Lorenzo says:

    Dear Kiara,
    Like Gianna said, thank you for the kind words.
    (P.s. You spelled my name lowercase.)
    Samuel Lorenzo

  11. Gianna Sacco says:

    Dear peers,
    In my opinion our class did a great job in the elections.
    Congratulations to everyone who ran for a position and accomplish being in the government of our class!
    Good job on those who ran and didn’t win, I believe we will all accomplish that position of the government
    next trimester.
    Gianna Sacco

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